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Jan 2020

Dr Jean Antoine-Dunne writes in Trinidad and Tobago Newsday on the topic: “Towards Inclusion, Integration Of People With Disabilities

Tyrell Gittens reports in Trinidad and Tobago Newsday: “Advocates: National Disability Legislation Needed

May 2015

Anand Rampersad writes about “Empowering Persons With Disabilities Through Sport” in this Guardian article.

Read Anton La Fond’sA Disabled Person’s View Point” in this article from the TNT Mirror.

In this Sunday Newsday article, Dr Jean Antoine-Dunne, NODES Chairperson, writes about “Legal Rights For The Disabled Persons“.

April 2015

Read Gerard Best’s article “Talking Hands And The Long Arm Of The Law” which interviews NODES committee member, Dr Ben Braithwaite.

The Sunday Newsday summarises the remarks made by Mrs Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago’s President Anthony Carmona, in this article: “Persistent Advocacy