The UWI Network and Outreach for Disability Education and Sensitisation (NODES) and the Disability Studies Unit (DSU) of The UWI St. Augustine hosted its inaugural international conference under the theme “Towards Social Integration: Rights, Roles, Recognition of Persons with Disabilities” on April 23 and 24, 2015 at the Learning Resource Centre, The UWI St. Augustine.

The two-day conference, chaired by Dr. Jean Antoine-Dunne – Senior Lecturer Literatures in English in the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies, addressed and provided information on how to assist persons with disabilities through a series of panel presentations, workshops and roundtable discussions. The conference ended with a Closing Ceremony featuring the film “Dis Abled Mis Labled” followed by a reception by Pro Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal, Professor Clement Sankat.

Here Are Presentations Made At The Conference:

Supporting the Integration and Learning of Students with Disabilities at U.W.I. Cave Hill and St. Augustine Campuses – Dennis Conrad, Stacey Blackman, and Lisa Philip

Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Employment for Persons with Special Needs – Loretta Crane

Is our Future in our Schoolbags too? – Alicia Bharath, Sirlon George, and Valerie Youssef

Forging International Bonds, Clinically – Keisha T. Lindsay and Mona Gardner

Civil Society’ practices to end violence and abuse of women and girls with disabilities in Mexico – Ana María Sánchez Rodríguez

Life Skills and Social Integration of Differently Abled Persons – Ceronne Prevatt

Feeling their Way: Negotiation and Accommodation for Students who are Visually Impaired or Legally Blind at UWI – St. Augustine – Sabeerah Abdul-Majied and Jacqueline Huggins