Legal Rights For Disabled Persons

In this Sunday Newsday article, Dr Jean Antoine Dunne, NODES Chairperson, writes about legal rights for the disabled.

Sunday 3 May 2015 Jean Antoine-Dunne
Published by Trinidad and Tobago NEWSDAY

I met several of the persons who had participated in the University of the West Indies conference, Towards Social Integration.Read the rest “Legal Rights For Disabled Persons”

Mrs Reema Carmona “Persistent Advocacy”

The Sunday Newsday summarises the remarks made by Mrs Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago’s President Anthony Carmona, in this article

Sunday 26 April 2015 Sean Douglas
Published by Trinidad and Tobago NEWSDAY

Reema Carmona, wife of President Anthony Carmona, on Friday night bemoaned the theft of an autism awareness banner that she had erected at the Bandstand near President’s House, St Ann’s, but hoped the fact of it having to be constantly replaced would send a signal of the need for persistence in the advocacy for persons with disabilities.… Read the rest “Mrs Reema Carmona “Persistent Advocacy””